How to Buy

How to Buy a Piano from Forte piano


How do I know its quality?

We encourage you to get an inspection, we recommend a third party opinion. You contact a technician to come to our place and evaluate the pianos you are interested in. He can call or email you a report. This way you have an expert opinion.

How much does it cost?

   Typically it is under $200.00 .

Why should I risk this money?

      Our pianos are at wholesale prices. The savings are enormous. Nowhere else can you get this value.

How long have you been in business?

        Over 38 years in the same location in Detroit.

How can you offer these pianos so cheap?

We are in the low rent district of Detroit. We buy pianos that need tender loving care and then we completely rebuild them.  The wood case and the harp do not wear out. All other components are replaceable. Its really a green business. These recycled pianos receive more attention than a new one. Its a much better value and is better for the environment. The Ivory and Hardwoods used in these pianos are very restricted. Buying a recycled piano is very responsible.

What about financing?

       Financing Plans Available: 5 Year, 12 Year

How do I locate a Piano Technician?

Or call us at 313-835-2540

Why don’t you have an email address listed here?

 Email us