Piano Voicing

Tone is crucial element of the piano’s sound, and its evenness and beauty is essential to the expression of music. If tuning is the adjustment of the strings’ tension to the correct harmonic pitch, the tone is the intensity and quality of the sound produced. Although the basic character of a piano is modeled within … Read more Piano Voicing

Tuning a Piano

Most musicians can tune their own instruments, but with a piano, it requires the services of a highly trained and experienced technician.  It is because high tensions are involved, the sheer number of strings, and the complex nature of the instrument are combine. Tuning is the adjustment of its individual string’s tension so that they … Read more Tuning a Piano

Piano Care Tips

All musical instruments require a high standard of care and a certain amount of maintenance to keep their tone sweet and their mechanism in the fullest working order. The piano, with its thousands of internal moving parts, is-despite heavy construction-a relatively sensitive instrument. As this is built largely of wood and felt it should come … Read more Piano Care Tips