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19 Practice Strategies

Strategy Category Description 1 Repetition of Difficult Passages Coordination Over learn difficult passages by repeating them at least ten times […]

Glossary 2

Action-All of the linkage between the key and the hammer striking the string. Traditionally made of hardwood, plastics are used […]

George Michalski

GEORGE J. MICHALSKI Born in Poland, pianos were to become the life work and passion of George Michalski. His adolescent […]


SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION June 19, 1983 STEINWAY NEWS One Hundred and Thirty Years of Service to Music John H. Steinway, […]

The Ayuso Family

From STEINWAY by Ronald V. Ratcliffe The Ayuso family, father and two sons, were responsible for the elaboration of numerous […]


From STEINWAY by Ronald V. Ratcliffe In 1897 Joseph Burr Tiffany (1856-1917), from the illustrious family that founded Tiffany & […]

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