Steinway Baby Grand

Throwing a last glance to the dining table, Carly rushed to the door. She is going to leave the half-consumed food. She has an early meeting this morning and being late is the last thing she wanted. But before heading to the main door, she remembered her Grandpa’s wish for his 80th birthday next week. With a faint smile on her Grandpa’s lips, Carly knew that owning a Steinway baby grand is like winning a lottery. He maybe old, but deep in his heart, the yearning to play the Steinway baby grand is what he wanted to do since immemorial. Carly also remembered the twinkling of his eyes hearing she can purchase the Steinway piano on his birthday.

Deeply sighing, she doesn’t know where to find that superbly exceptional instrument as soon as possible. With her hectic schedules this month, she couldn’t possibly purchase it. But she couldn’t just disappoint her Grandpa! Oh well, first things first. If it is needed, she’ll try to pull the string to grant the wish.

Carly tried to shoo away the persistent thoughts of finding the piano. Though she tried to pull out all her memories to remember any store near Livonia, her mind is blank. Shrugging her shoulders, she maneuvered her car to the office.

After a very tiring morning, Carly sat back and started thinking where to find that piano. Lazily browsing some sites on the search engines, she spotted a very interesting website in Detroit, Michigan. The piano company is owned by George Michalski. She browsed some of the pianos and amazed of how they looked in pictures. She is sure that those pianos are in good quality.

She found their telephone number and immediately dialed it, hoping to schedule an appointment. An older man answered the other line who seem to have a strong Polish accent. George is very friendly. She can’t help but break a beautiful smile hearing from the latter she could have an appointment the next day. What a lucky day for her!

Her Grandpa will surely be surprised during the party. The party will take place in his huge lawn with their family’s good friends. Her Granny had passed away three years ago, and since then, Grandpa was been lonely. She will often see him in the garden, sitting on his high back chair while staring into nothingness. She knew he is missing to play the piano again, now that he is alone.

Listening to George while he is introducing his pianos, Carly took a glimpse to a remarkably resonant Steinway baby grand that stole her heart away. It measured a little over 5 feet in dimension but its tonal beauty and projection belied its size. The touch and tone merged in such a compatible way. With the expert hands, George started to play a familiar song but she can’t remember the title. She could feel a flush of resonance that warmed her heart deeply.

She is rarely drawn immediately to a piano but it’s hard to walk away and leave it sitting alone, unclaimed in a dealership. Although she is not much of a piano enthusiast, she automatically tantalized by this instrument that has a special attraction. This grand will be the first “real piano” of her Grandpa that will replace his beloved Sohmer upright that he had grown quite attached to.

After a good conversation with George, Carly was more satisfied knowing the Steinway baby grand is only half the price of a new one. She closed the deal because the value of the piano was outstanding. She signed the check and gave it to him. She shook hands with George, leaving his store with a great smile. In 2 to 3 days time, the piano would be delivered.

Everybody seemed to be enjoying the night. Carly is sipping her wine while talking to her mom. The party has started for over an hour ago. She stared at Grandpa who is sitting behind the center table with his buddies. Minutes from now, her Dad will announce the big surprise which was hidden to Grandpa’s knowledge. They had hidden the baby grand in one of the rooms inside the house. She smiled playfully.

The wait is over, after hearing his Dad’s voice on the microphone. It caught everybody’s attention and silence took over the whole place. She saw Grandpa’s stared in awe after hearing the surprise, and saw the men she hired carrying the piano using a dolly. His eyes searched for hers. Their gaze locked. Even in the dark, she saw the tears on his grandfather’s eyes while slowly walking towards her. He hugged her tight, thanked her for that big surprise.

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