Steinway Grand Piano Value

The early breeze of the morning was slowly blowing the deep purple curtains of the great living room with 14 foot high ceilings. This beautiful home was expertly designed and built by Stephen for his wife Freya and their future kids. The house was situated on a cliff-side. The cliffline was very steep in a … Read more

Steinway Piano Values

Katie was having her early breakfast when she turned on the TV. With an expert hand, she put her coffee on the table without eyeing on it. Her stare was directly focused on the early morning house keeping tips. The tips talked about how to own an outstanding dealership of a Steinway piano. “I should … Read more

Concert Grand Piano

Gale Harris, the one and only daughter of the Harris family, is pampered like a princess. Everything she wanted is only around the corner. She believes that money can buy everything. While lazily sipping her coffee, she browsed the newspaper on the society page section. With widened eyes, she tightly gripped the page where she … Read more

Steinway Baby Grand

Throwing a last glance to the dining table, Carly rushed to the door. She is going to leave the half-consumed food. She has an early meeting this morning and being late is the last thing she wanted. But before heading to the main door, she remembered her Grandpa’s wish for his 80th birthday next week. … Read more