Steinway Piano Values

Katie was having her early breakfast when she turned on the TV. With an expert hand, she put her coffee on the table without eyeing on it. Her stare was directly focused on the early morning house keeping tips. The tips talked about how to own an outstanding dealership of a Steinway piano.

“I should own that Steinway piano one of these days,” she told herself while nibbling her sandwich. The thought of owning a Steinway made her smile with delight. She knew that it would bring jealous looks from her friends.

Sam, her husband, leaves at 5 o’clock in the morning. He has made it a habit to go to the restaurant as early as possible because he personally runs their fine dining restaurant.

Well, she is not a pianist and neither was Sam. But owning a Steinway piano at home is like owning an expensive jewelry. She surveyed the entire living room, searching for a perfect spot where she could place the piano. In her eyes, it was as if she had seen the piano sitting perfectly in their living room. Their restaurant was doing prety well but she was not sure if her husband could stretch the budget for her luxury. Purchasing a furniture like it is not like eating a piece of cake. It would take a long time budget to afford buying it. But with a determined look in her eyes, she would own that Steinway no matter what.

Grabbing her sandwich, she sat in front of her computer. She wouldn’t let the day pass without searching for a piano store on the internet. With focused eyes on the screen, Katie spotted a site which has beautiful photos of Steinway. She suppressed a loud gasp while gazing at the beautiful pianos they were selling. It was situated in Detroit, Michigan.

What surprised her more was it only cost half the price of the new ones. She knew how powerful the sound of these used Steinway pianos were. The tone was superior because of its craftsmanship.

She was holding her breath while scanning the model she ought to buy. There was it! With a wicked grin, she knew her socialite friends would look at it in awe. They would all think she has bought it in a very expensive price.

After getting the important information on how to contact the dealer in purchasing the piano, she went straight to the door. Sam would like the idea of it. Her husband was also fond of displaying expensive things in their home especially if it is a piece of investment. Owning a Steinway piano is an investment. It is the brand they always wanted. The thought that they would amazed their friends every time they visited them, made them proud to ever own expensive things just like a Steinway piano. People were looking at the brand you own because it speaks about your status and how well off your life is.

Katie gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek before telling him they would talk on something important in his private office. “What is it Kat? With that look in your eyes, I am afraid I’ll go bankrupt any moment from now.” Sam carefully studied her expression. Even before, he said that she was transparent as water.

She winked at him. She chuckled when she heard Sam groaned in frustration. “Sam, I want us to buy a Steinway piano,” her eyes pleading while lazily playing his collar. “My friends are coming over next month. I wanted them to see some fresh sight in our home especially with the presence of a Steinway piano. What do you think?” she smiled sweetly which often amazed Sam. Katie knew with that smile, he had convinced Sam into buying the piano.

After 2 weeks, two of Katie’s friends came over. Katie and Sam smiled knowingly at each other while looking at their friends surveyed the house. Their gazes locked at the spectacular view of the Steinway piano at the corner of the room. It was as if the piano is sitting like a proud king and was waiting to be noticed.

Deborah gasped in surprised. “Wow! Katie you’re one lucky girl, aren’t you? Look what you’ve got here. I wouldn’t miss it in the world, just to own this precious gem! I’m jealous,” she exclaimed. Katie burst into laughter. She couldn’t help it. Just as she thought of it. With the envy look in Deborah’s eyes, she felt so proud.

Ava widened her eyes when she touched the keyboard and the superbly exceptional sound of Steinway ruled over the place. “It’s really amazing! I’m dying to own one like this but the price is so high I couldn’t take a hold of it but you did Katie. You were really great.”

Katie just smiled in fascination while her friends couldn’t contain themselves on eyeing the instrument. She looked at her husband who was holding her waist. Like her, Katie knew he was as proud as hers.

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