Steinway Grand Piano Value

The early breeze of the morning was slowly blowing the deep purple curtains of the great living room with 14 foot high ceilings. This beautiful home was expertly designed and built by Stephen for his wife Freya and their future kids.

The house was situated on a cliff-side. The cliffline was very steep in a vertical drop. There were big vines growing from the top and draping down the cliffline. Right beneath at the bottom was the ocean with azure water. Every time waves came, they broke against the cliffline and shoot up but it didn’t reach the bottom of the house. At the bottom, there was a boat dock with an elevator that would transport a person to the house. The house itself had a sprawling layout with a large veranda in front which was bamboo flooring.

Around the house were fruit trees which were grown by Stephen. However, Freya grew different flowering plants in their garden. The scenery was perfect for the newlyweds. They have just moved in for 3 months now.

Lazily stretching her arms, Freya peeked through the window. It was a beautiful sunny morning. It felt so good to live in this place. The tranquility and the awesome views brought a peaceful feeling in her heart. She turned back after hearing some footsteps. Her husband, Stephen broke a lop-sided smile while walking towards her.

“Good morning wife,” he said sweetly and gathered her in his arms. “Where does your mind wander again?” He chuckled and stared directly to her eyes. Stephen could exactly read what was in her mind. He was teasing her before that she was transparent as water.

“I was thinking to add some furniture for our living room and a Steinway piano would be perfect,” she answered dreamily, while eying a particular spot in the living room. He gave her a short peck on the cheek.

“Now my wife is becoming a musician! I guess I will love a Steinway grand piano here.” He winked at her that had swept off her feet before. After some failed relationships that marred both their past, it was all worth it because they have each other now. It was all that matter. Looking up to his face, Freya knew he was serious in purchasing the instrument. She smiled with the thought of having the piano. It was been her dream to actually own a Steinway.

“I was looking for piano sites last night and I guess I had chosen a store in Detroit. They have beautiful pianos. The piano store was owned by George Michalski. What do you think?”

Stephen rubbed his one day old whiskers while staring outside the window. “His name sounds familiar. I am not sure if he is the one who has a Polish accent.” He said while looking at her.

“Yes, he is. I have talked to him over the phone and he had a strong Polish accent. Actually, I have scheduled an appointment to him next week,” she smiled sheepishly.

Stephen burst into laughter. “You’re fast wife. It was all settled then. What if I won’t agree with your plan?” He said, still smiling.

She pouted and wrinkled her nose. “I know you won’t.”

“Yeah, you know I can’t refuse to your whims.” Amusement lit his eyes. They burst into laughter and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

After two weeks, the Steinway grand was now placed comfortably in their living room. During the night, Stephen, who had taken piano lessons when he was still a kid, could be heard playing songs with soft melodies. The soft music would rule over the place in the peaceful night.

When her best friend visited her one day, she could see how fascinated she was at the sight of the Steinway upright. “Oh my, Freya you’re such a lucky wife! Your husband really adored you by buying this gem for you. It is not just a piano Frey, but a Steinway! Anyone would fall to this!” With widened eyes, Lora couldn’t contain herself while touching the instrument.

Freya was so amused at her friend. Well, this Steinway didn’t cost as much as the new one. It was only half the price of it. She was so lucky to ever found the forte piano company.

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