Concert Grand Piano

Gale Harris, the one and only daughter of the Harris family, is pampered like a princess. Everything she wanted is only around the corner. She believes that money can buy everything. While lazily sipping her coffee, she browsed the newspaper on the society page section. With widened eyes, she tightly gripped the page where she saw Candice Johnson – her fashion rival. She couldn’t believe it! Candice is throwing a party after just a week of a birthday celebration in the latter’s mansion. The latter has a big surprise during that party. She haven’t planned her own to spite her and then, this news shocked her.

Kidding aside, they are both knockouts. They could make men swoon of the beauty they possess. Well, they are not showing animosity when they meet in social function. This will only create a big buzz to the paparazzi who are following them all the time.

Gale is sure the day won’t last without Candice calling and inviting her for the party. She knew she wanted to show her the surprise and make her jealous.

All of the sudden, she lost her appetite. She needed to go shopping to relax herself. The thought Candice would be the talk of the town made her irritated. She wanted to be always on top of society page and would do something to make it happen even just to bug Candice.

Before she could grab her purse, her phone starts ringing. She rolled her eyes. No doubt it is Candice.

“Hello there,” she said weakly.

She heard Candice chuckled on the other line. It is as if she had sensed she is not in the mood to talk. She held herself not to be rude.

“Gale, please come to my surprise party the night after tomorrow.” Candice said excitedly.

“Sure, count me in,” she said enthusiastically but opposite to what she really felt inside. It is easy for her to shift emotions.

The night of the party, Gale intentionally came late to get the attention of paparazzi. Wearing one of her elegant evening dresses, she gathered some envy looks from the crowd. Stunningly standing at the main door, she confidently walked towards the host who is also wearing a sophisticated evening gown. The Johnson mansion is full of guests. The tables have plenty of delicious foods and drinks.

It didn’t take her long sitting in one of the corner tables when Candice went to the microphone. Puzzlement and excitement were all visible to people’s faces around her. Others are whispering to each other, wondering what was the surprise they were waiting for.

Candice cleared her throat before speaking. She smiled sweetly that could melt any man’s heart. She smirked at the thought. She knew Candice practiced how to smile like that in front of the mirror, like what she used to do too.

All the while, she gasped hearing Candice owned a Steinway concert grand piano!  Where on earth did she purchase that Steinway piano? It is like owning a precious gem! The Steinway sound comes from the construction and is the prime reason that it has an amazing, powerful sound. Steinway concert grand is a great musical instrument because it is superior in its looks, play and sound.

Four men brought the piano by using the dolly. She didn’t bother standing to get a closer look of the instrument. Watching people drawing closer, she sipped her wine slowly. One of the musicians there started playing it. He touched the keys repeatedly to understand the quickness with which the notes can be heard.

She told herself to find the dealer of that piano and buy one for her. A guy sitting beside her, is whispering to his companion. Gale overheard that Candice bought the piano in a piano store in Detroit, Michigan which is owned by George Michalski. She mentally noted the name and will search it on the internet when she got home.

Gale looked at the Steinway photos in fascination. They were awesome. Not only that, it was only half the price of the new ones. She couldn’t wait to have an appointment the next day.

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