New or Rebuilt

Why should I choose a restored piano over a new piano? Choosing a restored piano over a new piano is like comparing Apples and apples.  The first advantage of buying a restored piano is the price. For instance,  a new Steinway model O is double the price of a rebuilt model O from our company. … Read more

Piano Restoration

What is piano restoration? One definition of restoration is “to put back into nearly the original form,” and this technique is reserved for pianos of historic interest and technical curiosities. Working with such instruments requires an enormous amount of thought, care, patience, and skill. Some pianos have survived relatively whole after hundreds of years of … Read more

Top Piano Rebuilder

Piano is an art of music and it is also a work of art itself. This wonderful machine has thousand of moving parts, a framework and soundboard supporting tremendously string tension, and beautifully finished cabinetry. As time and usage take its course, the piano’s durability will lead to deterioration. Felt wears, strings break, wooden structures … Read more

Piano Reconditioning

What is piano reconditioning? It is a process which aims to recreate a properly functioning piano at a reduced cost by dealing specifically with known problem areas within the action, keyboard, and strung back. If for financial or technical reasons a complete rebuild is not deemed appropriate, a piano’s performance may be greatly enhanced by … Read more

Piano Rebuilding

Rebuilding a piano is designed to restore an instrument to its original condition, or better. It involves the complete disassembly of the piano into its smallest constituent parts; these are then individually cleaned, repaired, or entirely replaced with new, so that when the piano is reassembled it can be regulated and tuned to the closest … Read more

The Basic of Restoring Piano

Many people buy their own piano on the second-hand market, where good-quality used instruments are widely available in various states of disrepair. Many of these instruments perform at a level far below their potential, and require some degree of refettling to bring them to playable condition. However, some may beyond repair. The need of restoration … Read more