Best Grand Piano For the Money

Blessed are those who own a Steinway grand piano these days! It doesn’t matter if it is old or very old as long as it bears the name Steinway, the best grand piano ever made. Owning a Steinway grand is a dream for many people. Besides the fact that it is one of the best financial investments, it is a finest instrument to serve the whole family with music.

As financial investment, it goes up in value over time. It is also a valuable family heirloom you can leave to your children. A valuable instrument that brings music in the family. An instrument that was made in perfection and standard of excellence.

Why Steinway grand is a valuable investment?

Steinway brand is a name that is worth the value of a life time and beyond. If a Steinway grand was made during the Golden Age 1920-1930’s, it has the most value. It is because old pianos were crafted by hands of the expert before power driven tools were used. Hand-carved pianos are constructed of solid wood and received the same insistence of perfection.

Dampers and hammers are regulated by hands and tested to its excellent standard. Steinway grand that was made during the golden age cannot be compared on pianos that were made during mass production. Steinway piano that was made not only in the name of craft but of its known to its durability. An instrument of the immortals as they called it.

Today, Steinway production is decreasing. Following the rule of supply and demand, the raise of demand will give your old piano a greater value. The value of the old piano can be appraised.

Steinway piano is known to its notably richness of tone and balance. Its great range, its flexibility, its precision and its tonal variety are the qualities of this fine instrument. It is true that restoration or rebuilding a Steinway piano is expensive. Yet, consider it as a piece of investment with a great value.

Today, more and more people preferred buying rebuilt Steinway piano than buying new one. The reason is you can find a great deal on rebuilt. Comparing the price of new and rebuilt, you will find the later a great bargain. It has been said that the great competition of new Steinway piano is the old Steinway piano! Today a new Steinway grand cost from $60,000 and more while buying a rebuilt will only cost you half the price. Our price is from $25,000 to $30,000

Looking back at the origin of Steinway piano, it is amazing to know that through out the years, Steinway and Sons maintain the feeling of responsibility toward the service of music. In every production of piano they have, the goal is to serve the people the finest music instrument . Famous musicians at any period of history feel the pride of owning and playing a Steinway piano. Who would not be proud with it up to this date?

Steinway has a special place in the heart of world pianist and music artist. This cherished instrument under Steinway patent is made to served two generations or more. Today, it is not surprising that rebuilt Steinway piano is still a valuable investment.

Also, if you happened to own a Steinway grand, it is important to keep your investment in a regular maintenance. This is how you protect your investment. Since Steinway appreciate in value, it is wise to safeguard your investment. Make sure you are hiring a reputable piano technician when there are problems with it. Do not let your grand piano sit in a corner gathering dust when you can make money out of it. Be sure to control the humidity and do not let it too dry. This causes the soundboard and other pieces of wood to crack. The more you keep your piano in tune and regularly maintain it, the more you can keep it valuable.

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