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Glossary 2

Action-All of the linkage between the key and the hammer striking the string. Traditionally made of hardwood, plastics are used […]


Una-corda. Meaning “one string,” this stop adjusts the position of the keyboard and action sideways, so that the hammer heads […]

Short Octave

Set-off button [escapement button, set-off screw]. A regulating button that controls the moment (the ‘set-off’) at which a jack or […]

Rebuilt Piano

Querflugel [Querpianoforte] (Ger.). A small horizontal piano, usually wing-shaped with the keyboard placed at an acute angle to the spine. […]


Minipiano. A very small upright with a ‘drop’action (with the mechanism placed below the level of the keyboard), first produced […]

In tune

In regulation. Regulation is a process in which a technician makes a dozen or so critical adjustment to each of […]

Gap spacer

Gabel-Harmon-Pianoforte. A piano patented by Matthias Muller in 1827 in which one of the unison strings of each note is […]

Ear training

Ear training. A term given to the aspects of beginning piano lessons that focus on teaching aural aspects of learning […]


Action. A collection of levers, primarily consisting if the hammers, dampers, and all other moving parts and supporting rails found […]

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