19 Practice Strategies

Strategy Category Description 1 Repetition of Difficult Passages Coordination Over learn difficult passages by repeating them at least ten times or more. 2 Sings with Practice Vocalization Sing the melody to help with top voicing (emphasizes melodic line) 3 Metronome Usage Rhythmic Accuracy Use a metronome to ensure rhythmic evenness and rhythmic accuracy. 4 Count … Read more 19 Practice Strategies

Dance Forms and the Suite

Suite refers to any instrumental composition usually compose in one key and which consists of several movements. It was developed in the 16th century, in the Baroque era, as series of dance steps. Thus, pieces of dance rhythms are often grouped together into suites. The tunes are so arranged so as to present strong contrasts … Read more Dance Forms and the Suite

Romanticism Style

Romanticism is an artistic movement in music that favors the imagination and emotion over reason and logic, and promotes the individual and the subjective approach as opposed to the Classicism which emphasized the universal and the objective. The Romantic era in music stretch from 1820 to the early part of the 20th century. Where the … Read more Romanticism Style