Piano Sound Rated 24 Karat

LOS ANGELES TIMES Piano’s Sound Rated 24 Karat Music: THE GILT STEINWAY IS A MARVEL OF A BYGONE TIME, WHEN CRAFTSMEN SPENT YEARS ON INSTRUMENTS. By NANCY WRIDE TIMES STAFF WRITER   This is the tale of a 24-karat gold Steinway that would make Leberace drool. First thought: Spectacky! Third thought: Vegas? But no, its … Read more

Restoration Gold Case

Excerpts from Piano Technicians Journal September issue 2000 By Glen Hart Recently I had the privilege of restoring a 1903 Steinway, model B (7 feet), art case grand piano. I trained in New York City and gild under the name “Hart of Gold” in Grand Junction, Colorado. The owner of the piano contacted Steinway and … Read more

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George Michalski

GEORGE J. MICHALSKI Born in Poland, pianos were to become the life work and passion of George Michalski. His adolescent years were spent in music school learning keyboard and wood-wind instruments. In 1957, at the age of 25, he decided to make his passion his profession and was admitted to the Poznan School of Piano … Read more

Golden Grand Restoration

THE RESTORATION OF THE GOLDEN GRAND Following the recommendation of Steinway Chairman, John H. Steinway, George Michalski entrusted the interior restoration to renowned piano conservationist, Lloyd Meyer of Camilleri Pianoworks LTD in New York. Famous concert artists and leading institutions like The Juilliard School of Music and The Peabody Conservatory have relied on Camilleri to … Read more


SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION June 19, 1983 STEINWAY NEWS One Hundred and Thirty Years of Service to Music John H. Steinway, great grandson of founder Henry Engelhard Steinway and, at that time, Chairman of Steinway & Sons had talked with George Michalski on several occasions over the years. In the spring of 1985, he met up … Read more

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The Ayuso Family

From STEINWAY by Ronald V. Ratcliffe The Ayuso family, father and two sons, were responsible for the elaboration of numerous pianos for Steinway & sons. Juan Ayuso was a French citizen, born in Bordeaux to parents who had emigrated from the Basque region of Spain in 1848. Juan and his sons Eugene and Severo were … Read more

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The year was 1903, and a momentous time it was for the Steinway family as their renowned piano company had reached a milestone, 50 years. Joseph Burr Tiffany, a relative of Tiffany & Company’s founder Louis Comfort Tiffany, was Steinway’s chief designer for their celebrated Art Case Department. To commemorate this historic golden anniversary, Tiffany … Read more


From STEINWAY by Ronald V. Ratcliffe In 1897 Joseph Burr Tiffany (1856-1917), from the illustrious family that founded Tiffany & Co., was appointed to head the newly established Art Case Department for Steinway & Co. J. Burr Tiffany received an aesthetic education in the family business and subsequently studied with Adrian Pottier, nephew of the … Read more

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Multi Million Dollar Piano

The story of the Multi Million Dollar Piano Background Steinway Advice Restoration of the Gold Piano Restoration of Gold Case Current History of the Piano Piano Tech Journal 2000 Cover Page Golden Grand Steinway The Gold Standard Brochure …