Piano as Furniture

Do you know that in 18th century, the piano served not only as a musical instrument but also as a furniture? The case often used as a tea table, writing desk or sewing table. In fact, Mr. Milward in year 1866 designed a dual- purpose piano. It was designed as a full-pledged piano, but with a hidden couch set on rollers for the pianist to retired from fatigue of playing the instrument. It had also a closet designed for bedclothes and artistically designed drawers.

Most of the pianos in this modern time are not designed to have different purposes other than a musical instrument. However, putting it in our living room already add elegance and beauty. The wood used for finishing is attractive enough to be a focal point of the room or a house.

Wood furniture becomes a part of our everyday life today. We always put wood furniture to our homes to make them beautiful, to look calm but stylish. Not only that, wood is sturdy and long-lasting. Wood furniture has become a good investment because its value is increasing. If the wood furniture is handed down to future generations, the value increases significantly.

Piano cases have different sizes and shapes that can easily fit into the living room of most houses. Each one can choose a shape of their choice that is proportional to one’s living room. There is a vertical piano like upright piano if your room is not spacious enough. There are horizontal pianos or commonly known as grand pianos for more spacious room. Many sizes are also available from 4 feet 5 inches to 9 feet as in a concert instrument.

Piano cases were made from choice woods such as maple, cherry, beech, poplar, ebony, rosewood, mahogany and walnuts. Steinway pianos for example, especially a hundred years old ones that were restored and rebuilt. The good quality and elegant cases that was built in that time has guaranteed quality.

Its beauty remained that can give warmth to one’s room and a touch of nature. Its quality cannot be questioned because of its age. In addition to this, the carvings and molding of the century pianos were delicately and tastefully done by well-trained and skilled craftsman such as Juan Ayuso and sons.

How about luxury furniture in your house? Have you ever think about gold to make your home stunning and fantastic? Having a gold grand piano in your house can brighten the room and can give a modern touch with its fancy design. Some gold pianos like a Steinway golden grand piano has stylish music desk and gracefully designed legs and edges of the piano case that can adorn your house with luxurious taste.

Every home needs furniture to give it a style and comfort and of course to make life easier. In seventeenth century to eighteenth centuries, local tastes can be seen in every furniture. In this present time, most furniture has modern taste but usually mix with history. Furniture serves as an adornment where one can show their own personality by choosing them.

Guests when visiting your house first notice the style and quality of furniture in your living room. Having an elegant and stylish piano can make them admire your sense of choice. How much more if you have a 100 years old Steinway grand piano in your house designed by a famous artisan of the history. This piano has a class and a great investment. Also, don’t forget the quality of music it can make. Keep a quality piano as one of your elegant furniture.

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