How Old is my Broadwood & Sons Piano?

With extensive restructuring, and changing production between grand, upright, and player pianos to suit the changing times, Broadwood and Sons has survived, marking an incredible 260-year history. Today broadwood pianos are made by the British Piano Manufacturing Company, founded in 2000 in Stroud, who also make pianos to the specifications of other English firms such as Bentley, Knight, Welmar, and Woodchester. The Broadwood barless upright is made under license for John Broadwood & Sons by Ladbroke Pianos, founded some fifty years ago in Bermingham.

Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured   

1932 250000
1940 256000
1950 258832
1960 263001
1970 265336
1980 269180
1990 282500
2000 283700
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