How Old is my Falcone Piano?

Owned by PianoDisc. The company was set up in 1984 by an Italian-born piano technician, Santi Falcone, whose aim was to produce an affordable grand piano of the highest quality that would compete with the world’s finest makers.

Santi Falcone sold his business in 1991 to businessman Bernard Greer and the Falcone name was incorporated into the Mason and Hamlin Companies. Production was terminated in 1994, when Mason and Hamlin went into liquidation. The owners of  PianoDisc now own the Falcone brand as part of Mason and Hamlin, which they bought in 1996. As yet there are no plans to restart production of this enterprising brand.

Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured 

Falcone has not yet released Serial Numbers
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