How Old is my Kemble Piano?

           In the early 1980s Kemble came within the whisker of closing, but at the last minute won the biggest contract to build pianos in the U.K. industry, making the Dietman range of pianos for Ibach. In 1984 Kemble fund itself in difficulties once again and once more Yamaha heavily invested in the business, this time taking majority control. By 1986 Kemble was producing pianos under the Yamaha name for the European market and a large investment was made to increase production dramatically. In 1992 Kemble achieved the Queen’s award for exports, which had more than doubled in a three-year period. Output hits its high point in 1999, when nearly 7,000 pianos were maid. Production has now been  moved to Asia.
Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured 

1930 32100
1940 70900
1950 81700
1960 109700
1970 139100
1980 197980
1990 235000
2000 298201
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