How Old is my Kimbal Piano?

          In 1959 the Jasper Corporation, a manufacturer of office furniture, bought the company and later changed its name to Kimball International. Its staff had no previous experience of producing pianos, and this showed, with over half of all the piano produced being returned to the factory. Production techniques did improve and were further aided by the acquisition of the great Austrian piano makers Bosendorfer in 1966 and the American firm Krakauer in 1980.

Until 1996 Kimball International continued to produce large quantities of low-priced instruments. In 1995 Kimball stopped making grand pianos and production of uprights stopped the following year. Bosendorfer still operates autonomously.

Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured

1870 14000
1880 28000
1890 8500
1900 71000
1910 211000
1920 322000
1930 383000
1940 438000
1950 517000
1960 604000
1970 764200
1980 B65951
1990 R00001
1995 R20401
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