How Old is my Knight Piano?

 The Knight iron frame offers twice the strength of those in an average piano. It is a full-perimeter frame built on a girder principle that is secured to a four-post beech back. The pin block is fitted in a pocket cast into the frame for exceptional tuning stability.

There is no treble stress bar in the K10 model. Several resisting bars are cast in the bottom left-hand corner of the piano to resist the strings’ tension, eliminating the possibility of weak-sounding notes.

Hard fiber plate bushing are used to support the tuning pins to enhance tuning stability. The bass strings are covered with extra heavy pure copper, giving a total weight of 7 lbs(3kgs) a set.

Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured 

1855 420
1860 960
1870 3200
1880 7900
1890 18500
1900 30000
1910 50800
1920 67500
1930 76000
1940 76400
1950 77100
1960 86000
1970 150000
1980 175000
1990 200000
2000 209960
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