How Old is my Stuart & Sons Piano?

All Stuart pianos are custom-made by Piano Australia Pty Ltd, who also manage the sales and the service. With each handmade piano taking about a year to complete, output is small, and most of the instruments are built to order.

Production of Welmar upright pianos continued at the London factory until 2000, when the Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd group- making pianos with the names Welmar, Knight, Bentley, Broadwood, and Marshall & Rose – merge with the Woodchester Piano Company to form the British Piano Manufacturing Company. Today all these pianos are produced in one of the most famous piano factories in England, Woodchester Mills near Stroud.

Dates and serial numbers when the pianos were manufactured 

1925 13000
1930 16500
1940 23500
1950 50000
1960 60000
1970 70000
1980 80000
1990 108000
2000 111000
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