Knowing Your Piano Sizes

There are several types of Steinway pianos. Along with it are their respective sizes. It’s easy for you to decide the right size for your place if you are aware the different piano sizes. Pianos are categorized as vertical/upright pianos and horizontal/vertical pianos. Both have unique features and were manufactured for different needs and purposes. Sizes of upright piano is measured from top to bottom while grand pianos are measured through its length.

Here are the Sizes of Upright/Vertical Pianos:

  • Spinet
    It is the shortest upright piano which ranges from 36″ – 40″ in height. It is sometimes known as an “apartment piano” because it is a popular choice of several people who lives in an apartment or has a limited space for piano. Spinet piano is the answer of your limited space and fund. However, as of the 1990s, spinets are no longer made. Yet you can still purchase the restored used spinet piano.
  • Console
    Console is a little bigger than spinet upright with its height ranges from 40″ to 44″. It is popular to its quality tone and furniture styled piano. It is well known for its elaborate inlays and finish. If you are particular on complementing furniture in your home, you can have several choices on Console piano. Moreover, Console piano is the choice of the beginners. It is best played at home as your hobby and in a small family get together.
  • Studio
    The common Studio piano upright range from 43″ to 47″. It is best size for educational and practice settings. Its actions is known for accuracy and efficiency like grand pianos. It is usually seen in music schools and music studios. It is also known for its tone quality and durability.
  • Professional
    It is the tallest among the upright pianos. It is also called full size upright pianos. Its sizes ranges from 47 inches to 52 inches. It can be most compare to grand pianos. Its durability is tested to last up to the next generation and maintain its tonal quality over time.

Sizes of Grand Pianos or Horizontal Pianos
There are several types of grand pianos or horizontal pianos. It is known that grand pianos have a finer tone quality. It is best piano for professional or advanced player. Its size, length and string placement differs from the upright pianos.

Here are the different types of grand pianos and its sizes:

  • Baby Grand
    It is the smallest among grand pianos and also the most popular. It size ranges from 5’0 to 5’4. It is the best choice among those who have smaller dwelling place. It is also popular on its sound quality and beauty. Also, people prefers baby grand because it is the most affordable among the grand pianos.
  • Medium Grand
    Medium grand is commonly seen in music schools or institutions. Many homes prefer medium grand because it doesn’t take up so much room. Several pianist prefers this because of its rich and superior sound quality. Its sizes ranges from 5’5″ to 5’9″ in length.
  • Living Room Grand
    Its sizes ranges from 5’10” to 6’1″. It is commonly seen in large living rooms and custom houses. Living room grand often attracts attention with pride and beauty. Its lovely and rich sound can dominate your living room.
  • Parlor Grand or Studio Grand
    It is the smallest among the concert grand pianos. It has full, rich, and beautiful sound that can fill your home. It is also commonly seen in small recital halls or recording studios. Its size ranges from 6’2″ to 6’9″.
  • Music Room Grand
    Music room grand piano is known for its key length which allows pianist more control on their performance. It is commonly choice of professional players and popular pianist. Its length ranges from 6’10-7’10. there are several Steinway artists own this type of piano in their homes. It is also found mid-size concert venues and prominent institutions. Steinway music room grand piano or model B is also called the “perfect piano”. Its balance, beauty and power is among its great characteristics.
  • Concert Grand
    It is the largest of all the grand pianos. It is widely known as an “ultimate piano”. It is the type of piano that is commonly used in major concerts. It has 9 feet length. It is the choice of the most popular and great pianist. It has the ability to be heard in big concert venues or symphony halls without using microphone. (Steinway Model D)
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