Best Piano to Buy for an Advanced Player

What is the best piano for an advanced player like you? Well, if you will ask others opinion you will receive several different answers. Other people’s opinion may not be the best answer for you. The best answer will always depend on you. Yes, its true that other people can guide you over your decision but to whom are you going to trust? To whom are you going to believe? The best advise we can give you, is listen to the piano itself and not to other people’s preference. It is not hard to buy best piano if you are an informed buyer.

Since you are an advanced player, you should have known your preference. In deciding on what piano to buy, you should have your own standard as your guide. What you really want in a piano? What makes you comfortable? What is your need? Researching the right brand of piano you wanted to play will also help. Every individual has its own preferences in buying a piano. Here are some:

  • The Sound. The first thing some people would like to know about a piano is the beauty of its sound. The tone quality is the most important factor for them to consider. How it sounds to a trained ear? You do not have to ask somebody else, how it sounds. You are the first person to listen to the sound. What aspects of sound are most important to you? Is it clarity? Richness? Depth of sound? An advanced player like you has an advance knowledge about the art of sound. The most important thing is you love the sound you are hearing. This is why it is important to play it first with a chosen musical piece before the purchase. This is to know how it sounded and if it will pass your standard of sound.
  • The Touch. To control the dynamics of the music, the function of the action must be excellent. The keys should not be too light or too sticky. The premium quality of felts and leathers in the action will help the pianist to manipulate the piano to its full capacity. Each piano has its own character. So, since the “touch” is important to me, I must choose a piano that has a “magic touch” as others term it.
  • The action. Action should be considered as well. It is nice to have a quality casework but I will make sure the action inside it is in good quality condition. Action differs in every piano but action of a grand is superior in many ways to a vertical piano. So, if you are in advanced player category the size of piano for you to choose must be an upright 125cm-132cm in height to grand 5’6-9′.

The above discussion are my preferences. How about yours? You alone know the important factors to consider before the purchase. Like budget, brand, style, preferences, or design. What I can directly say is we are offering the best price of premium quality pianos like Steinway, Knabe, Baldwin, Kawai, and Estonia. You can check our available pianos for cheap price.

Moreover, caution should be regarded in buying a piano for several reasons:

  • First, because the quality of some pianos today have degraded because of the outsourcing trend. For example, Germany is known to produce quality pianos. But today, some productions are made in China.
  • Second, some pianos in the market are a product of mass production. For example the classic Steinway, the dream piano of many people is still made in America. Several people prefers to buy the old piano because it has the old premium quality. The old authentic Steinway is reported to have the great sound. Yet, others opinion may not be right to you. The best way is to test both new and old piano. Discover the truth on your own without getting influence from others.
  • Third, some piano seller are determined to sell on whatever way they can. Sometimes they can put pressure on you so you can no longer refuse. They learned the art of persuading and marketing, so you should also guard yourself. Listen to your heart and not to the seller.
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