Best Piano to Buy for an Advanced Player

What is the best piano for an advanced player like you? Well, if you will ask others opinion you will receive several different answers. Other people’s opinion may not be the best answer for you. The best answer will always depend on you. Yes, its true that other people can guide you over your decision … Read more

Piano Sales in Detroit

Detroit is a good choice to buy a piano if value is important to you. Because of the economic downturn in Detroit, great deals can be found here. And how fortunate you can be if you can get an affordable price on premium rebuilt piano. Like a full size, completely rebuilt American made piano for … Read more

Institution Piano Sales

Institution Piano Sales is one of the methods to market pianos. It is the time when piano manufacturers and retailers come together in a place like universities, colleges, opera houses or coliseum to sell pianos. They are using the name of an institution to attract the attention of the buyer. The great thing about institutional … Read more