Institution Piano Sales

Institution Piano Sales is one of the methods to market pianos. It is the time when piano manufacturers and retailers come together in a place like universities, colleges, opera houses or coliseum to sell pianos. They are using the name of an institution to attract the attention of the buyer. The great thing about institutional sales is the wide selection of pianos in a very low price. Most people are watching for this kind of sales event to get a great price of piano.

However, there are reports and complains in some Institution Piano Sales. There are people who sometimes used the name “institutional sales” to sell their pianos. Yet, behind it are just few people who tend to mislead and deceive buyers. Most of the time it is just a subtle selling tactics by some individuals. This is why before we decide to go to an institutional sales, we have to check the background of the team behind it. Here are few tips to be aware about institutional sales problems:

  • Advertisement. Sales event starts from an advertisement. So, be aware on how they promote the sales event. Can you detect any deceptive information in the promotion itself? Does the promotion has misleading messages? For example, if they made it appear in the advertisement that the sales event is going to be represented by all major manufacturers and you haven’t see what you expect to see. Then, be on your guard. You suppose to see a huge selection.
  • False Sale Promotions. Be aware of false promotion, you may be fooled with their “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Talk to your mind and apply your logic and reason in this kind of slick marketing tactics. You may fall in their sales pitch like “Last Day Sale, Save 70% off”. “Closing Sale, Save up up to 80%”. Make sure to check if it is real 70% or 80% off or they are just using the term to get your attention. It is important to have prior knowledge of the piano prices, so you can make comparison.
  • Pressure. Be aware of the atmosphere. They can set the atmosphere into a buying frenzy mood. They can set for mass appointments to create this kind of atmosphere. The atmosphere is set in urgency and give you the feeling that you have to grab the piano today or you will never get a deal like this again. They can immediately know if you are a buyer or just a shopper. Shoppers are dismissed right away and give you an idea that this sales event is not for you but for the buyers only. They give pressure on you to decide right away or they will not spend more time with you. If you feel the pressure, it is wise to brush it off and wisely decide on another place of purchase.

The Seller. In this kind of sales event, the seller may professed to be a concert pianist, a music teacher, a piano tuner and many other claims. They will give you the message that he knows everything about the piano. Whoever they claimed they are, it is still best to know who are your seller. Do not trust a person without checking their background.

Several people have expressed their frustration over Institution Piano Sales. They said they have fallen into their marketing traps. Instead of getting a good price, they get the inflated prices. Some people call it “the sales with several faces.” To get advantage of the Institution Piano Sale, make sure that the people behind it are reputable dealers. Do not let a salesman distract you in your purchase. Be well informed and do your own research. A well informed customer is not likely to be taken.

Also, always look for a reputable dealer in your piano purchase. Reputable dealer will help you buy and select the right piano of your dreams. He can emphasize on product quality and dealer service to your satisfaction. Integrity is very important in business, so reputable dealer will protect his name. He will not likely to take advantage just to sell but rather keep his reputation.

Forte Piano occasionally participates in institution piano sales. We are careful to only work with reputable dealers. It is sad that a small minority has tarnished some Institution Piano Sales. We look forward to Institution Piano Sales. It is a way for us to give great bargains and clear our inventory. We hope your experience with Institution Piano Sales will be a positive one.

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