Value of Used Pianos

It is normally difficult to give a value to a piano especially the used one. Pianos depreciate very little or not at all, depends on how much you have done in keeping the condition good of your piano. A rebuilt or used Steinway piano that was bought 10 years ago but maintained well will have … Read more

Old Piano: An Investment

Why would anyone want an old piano? Why not a new piano? Quality reason. The second largest manufacture in the world Kawai builds pianos with robots. They also use plastic in the critical areas. Whereas, the pianos we sell are made of solid selected woods. The finest in the world. They were built in a … Read more

Why Old Piano has 85 Keys

Why does an older piano have 85 keys? Well, the piano started out with only about 60 keys. According to our piano historian, the first fully chromatic keyboard have appeared in the fourteen century. This is the time when pipe organs were being played. In about fifteenth and sixteenth century, the harpsichords and Clavichords were … Read more

Second Hand Piano

When you are thinking of buying a second hand Steinway piano, you can get a good quality for a reasonable price when you know which type will you buy. Steinway pianos are known to be a long living instruments. Even they are years old, they can still be good quality instruments. Rebuilt Steinway pianos are … Read more