Second Hand Piano

When you are thinking of buying a second hand Steinway piano, you can get a good quality for a reasonable price when you know which type will you buy. Steinway pianos are known to be a long living instruments. Even they are years old, they can still be good quality instruments. Rebuilt Steinway pianos are more likely to have better quality sound and better values.

You need to check the pedals because they are important. The left pedal should produce a discernibly softer sound without reducing the overtones. However, the middle pedal is often the ‘soft pedal’ that allows you to play without driving your neighbors to distraction. While the right pedal allows greater resonance by lifting all the dampers.

A personal appeal for the piano depends on how you perceive it through your ears and if it appeals to your heart. Every person has an individual response to music and you should go with what you like, not just rely because someone else tells you what you should like.

Check the touch because it is almost as important as tone. When you play every key and feel, it should as if there is no obstacle between you and the instrument. You should listen for notes that are out of tune and for buzzes and rattles. These things are essential to be examined.

In checking the strings, there are several checks you can perform. Look for rust around the tuning pin where the string is wrapped. The wraps should not be covered in rust. It is important to see all the three strings of a unison, from treble down to the tenor section. Missing strings are indicated that the strings have rusted somewhere along the string or the string has broken. It should be checked before buying.

A piano technician is the one who can look over any piano you are planning to buy. It is a precious gem for an investment so it should be well-chosen. After the purchase, it should be tuned once it gets to your house. Let the piano settle for a week and then you can let a technician and tune it up for you.

The most important aspect is the quality and the richness of tone. Everyone has their own criteria in terms of choosing the piano, but there are two things that can help you determine it. First is the brand name. Steinway pianos are often guaranteed of quality. Second is the preparation of the instrument by a piano technician is important.

Pianos are like people. They have their own personalities. They will have differences in sound and purity of tone. Before buying, test the keyboard balance by playing notes an octave apart, from low to high and by playing chords in the various registers to see if the touch is the same throughout.

The larger the piano, the better the sound. If you are going to buy one, consider your house and your budget. If you have enough money and room, go for the rebuilt grand Steinway piano. If not, a well-build upright will be good. A tall upright has long bass strings and could deliver the sound of a 5 feet grand piano. it is said that the longer the bass strings, the lower the fundamental bass notes. There are fine Steinway used pianos you can choose.

Buying a used Steinway pianos can offer you a lot more value for your money as long as they have been well-maintained. Make sure to choose used pianos that have been well-rebuilt.

Once you find a piano you love, let piano technician to give it a thorough exam. Although a cracked soundboard may not be easily spotted by an amateur, it may be very serious and require major rebuilding. It’s always best to hire a registered piano technician you know or who has been recommended by friends.

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