Old Piano: An Investment

Why would anyone want an old piano? Why not a new piano?

Quality reason. The second largest manufacture in the world Kawai builds pianos with robots. They also use plastic in the critical areas.

Whereas, the pianos we sell are made of solid selected woods. The finest in the world. They were built in a time before mass production.

Old Piano is better. Many people believe that the tone on these older pianos are better than a new piano. They were built in an era of pride in workmanship. These builders were not cross trained. They were specialists in their trade often working for 20 years at one specialty.

Appreciate in value.  Older piano is a work of art. Like other art work, Steinway piano appreciate in value as time goes by. You can keep it as an investment.

New piano at the time of mass production. Things have changed dramatically in piano building since these were built. Today, new pianos are but a product of mass production which the quality is sacrificed over quantity. Take a look at our finest Art Case. This is truly a work of art. Then go and compare it to the new piano.

Please look at our picture and Steinway Prices to see the values we have in old pianos.

Please Check out the piano investment table.

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