Golden Age Steinway

Golden Age Steinway piano bears the name of excellence, prestige, and quality. The term “golden age” is referring to the time when piano is the most important piece of instrument in entertainment. It is the time before World War II and the great depression in America. The “Golden Age” of Steinway is dated back to year 1920’s-1930’s. Piano at this time is a sole entertainment device for the family. In fact, the piano was considered a member of the family itself! It is also the time when parlor or coffee shop is not complete without a piano. Though some radio also exist at that time, it did not compete with the piano in terms of entertainment. It was also the time that Steinway piano making was at its peak of craftsmanship. The reputation of Steinway reach its zenith at this period.

A Steinway piano that was built back in this date has a great value today. There are several factors why it is considered a valuable instrument.

  • First, the level of excellence of this period is incomparable to any other time. Back to the golden period, piano making was a result of art and craftsmanship. Steinway & Sons attained its prestige as the best of the fine piano makers in the world. Crafted with hands, the decorative carving cases and other specific parts of the piano was made of the best woods. Its complicated mechanism containing about 12,000 individual parts was assembled with the skillful and careful hands. While piano today is but the result of mass production. Some people believe the product of modern machinery and high powered tools is inferior to the “golden age” pianos.
  • Second, the Steinway sounds is notably different from others. It has unique sound that you will say, “Simply because its Steinway!” Even Thomas Edison expressed his sentiment over the difference of Steinway among others. His letter addressed to Steinway and Sons contains these words. “I have decided to keep your grand piano. For some reasons unknown to me it gives better results than any so far tried.” Furthermore, notable musicians who play the Steinway piano feel the great pride and the importance of the instrument. Steinway is always preferred in the music industry back to that time even today. The Steinway piano is known for its great range. Its flexibility, precision, and tonal variety is incomparable.
  • Third, Steinway “golden age piano” was made to last for several decades. It was made durable that you can leave it as a valuable heirloom to your grandchildren. Steinway ensures the excellence of the instrument to pass the most critical critics in those times. It reached the level of perfection that critics enthusiastically accept that Steinway is widely recognized as leading piano in the world. It increased value in the public eye from then and onward.

Moreover, the financial value of Steinway “Golden Age” piano appreciates over time. Because of its reputation, old Steinway pianos today has its significant investment appeal to many. Rebuilt and restored “golden age” pianos find its way to compete to modern pianos. Steinway rebuilt can out perform and surpass many of the currently manufactured pianos. “Golden age” rebuilt piano is considered as the greatest competition of brand new Steinway in the market today. Because of its notable perfection many people still prefer buying rebuilt over brand new.

If you happen to own a Steinway piano manufactured from 1920-1930, consider yourself fortunate. Aside from the fact that you own a finest instrument for music and sound, you will benefit on its great financial value. If not and you have a plan to buy a piano for yourself and your family, get yourself a Steinway. It is a true investment that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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