The truth about Steinway Pianos

There are people who sell new pianos, who may have a biased opinion about Steinway rebuilt pianos. So today were going to explore the truth about rebuilt Steinway pianos. 1) There are rebuilders, technicians, and non-Steinway dealers who will claim that Steinway pianos built during the “Golden Age” are the best Steinway pianos ever built. … Read more

Piano as an Investment

This is a chart of how well pianos have done as an investment strategy. We have used older data so as not to show any “bubble” effect. As you can see over a 20 year period quality pianos appreciate very well. Steinway Pianos are very good investments, so is the Baldwin Grand Pianos that really … Read more

Books We Recommend

This lavishly illustrated book tells the remarkable story of the Steinway company and its founding family. Heinrich Steinway emigrated to America at the age of fifty-three with his large and talented family and founded Steinway & Sons, which was to become the builder of premium pianos in America.? Ronald Ratcliffe has spent ten years researching … Read more

Who Buys a Rebuilt Steinway?

Why do many rich people buy a rebuilt Steinway piano rather than a brand new one? When you buy a new Steinway piano, you will have a warranty and any problems with the piano will be fixed by the factory. The question doesn’t only lie on the quality of service that the Steinway factory can … Read more

Need Steinway Cheap

Are you looking for a Steinway piano in a cheap price? You can have it! It depends on how you view the word “cheap”. It has been said that there are no “great pianos for cheap”. How are you able to get a cheap piano, especially the Steinway? Steinway piano is among the world’s great … Read more

Steinway Piano Dealers

We deal with all kinds of dealers over the years because we rebuild many pianos. The very best dealers to work with are Steinway piano dealers. Steinway dealers are biased. Surprise! Not just about the trade. Yes, it is the greatest piano in the world. But the are biased towards new pianos. Their job is … Read more

Why A Steinway Piano?

It is important to note that before deciding to buy a secondhand piano, careful thought and choices of brand should be considered. Other pianos deteriorate over time. Many will not have been maintained regularly and will cost a lot more to fix than just buy a new piano. To be safe,you may want to ask … Read more

Purchasing a Used Upright Steinway Piano

Piano is an investment and it is important that you know the proper care for this instrument. When you have chosen a Steinway piano, you can choose between an upright or grand piano. If you chose an upright Steinway piano, the first thing to consider is the purpose, spatial and acoustic capacities. The upright Steinway … Read more

Steinway Piano Serial Number

Steinway & Sons is one of the most recognized piano brands in the world throughout its history. It has been in business for about 150 years. In 1880, Steinway factories produced 2,000 pianos per year. The production was increased to 2, 500 in year 1890 and was doubled in 1900. This total number of piano … Read more

Prices for Steinway Piano

Piano Prices If you search the Internet for prices on the  pianos, the first thing you notice is that many do not list their prices. The reason is this: New pianos are very expensive. When you compare the price of new pianos to rebuilt pianos, it is not very favorable for new pianos. Many places … Read more

Golden Age Steinway

Golden Age Steinway piano bears the name of excellence, prestige, and quality. The term “golden age” is referring to the time when piano is the most important piece of instrument in entertainment. It is the time before World War II and the great depression in America. The “Golden Age” of Steinway is dated back to … Read more

Guide in Purchasing Steinway Rebuild

Want to buy a Steinway piano? A complete rebuilt Steinway piano will cost you half of the retail price of a new piano. However, low price is not the only factor to consider in buying a piano. Although low price will definitely give you a sparkling aura, caution should be observed. Since you are reading … Read more

How is Steinway Different as a Piano

Steinway piano has occupied a central place in the lives of many pianists and music enthusiasts for several decades. History tells us that since World War II Steinway have dominated the concert platforms. Steinway piano has built its special relationships with the pianists from every music genre. From classical, jazz, pop, rock and others. At … Read more