Steinway Piano Dealers

We deal with all kinds of dealers over the years because we rebuild many pianos. The very best dealers to work with are Steinway piano dealers.

Steinway dealers are biased. Surprise! Not just about the trade. Yes, it is the greatest piano in the world. But the are biased towards new pianos.
Their job is to sell new Steinway pianos. Which is fine. If you want a new piano we highly recommend a Steinway piano dealer for a number of reasons.

1) No mater what happens in the world the Steinway piano and its parts will be around for your great grand children. We have seen many piano manufactures go out of business.

2) Steinway uses only the finest materials. There is no compromise there.

3) Resale values of Steinway are the highest in the industry and have proven to be outstanding investments. Although rebuild Steinway are better investments than new.

4) The reason all the top artists use Steinway is because they are consistent and superior sound.

5) Steinway piano dealers will never cheat you.

Now having said all that, we will say that they are biased towards new pianos and the used pianos or rebuilt pianos they stock are not necessarily the best values. They use them to trade people up to new pianos. You will receive a better value in a small shop the specializes in rebuilding Steinway like Forte Piano Company.

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