Why A Steinway Piano?

It is important to note that before deciding to buy a secondhand piano, careful thought and choices of brand should be considered. Other pianos deteriorate over time. Many will not have been maintained regularly and will cost a lot more to fix than just buy a new piano. To be safe,you may want to ask the opinion of others who has knowledge about pianos. You can also ask a piano tuner and seek their professional opinion in one or two of the nicest pianos you find. But why Steinway piano?

Steinway pianos are considered to be the finest pianos in the world. It is said that old pianos are just like wines, it is getting better while it lasts. Purchasing a piano is like buying a car. You are not only after of its appearance but of its quality. You are investing a large sum of money and you don’t want your money to be wasted for choosing a brand that will not fit the value.

Many people choose the quality of Steinway pianos because of their tone quality. The performance is excellent. The majority of the restored and used Steinway date from what some call the period of before World War II. Certainly during this period the level of craftsmanship was at its peak. Restored used Steinway pianos are even better which represent some of the finest available on the market today.

Steinway has the most patent of any piano manufacturer.

Most people consider buying older pianos, overlooking the value. The most important is its sound. The new pianos are quite expensive compared to the older pianos. More than that, many of the older pianos have a sound and action that has been restored to play and sound better than some of the newer pianos. This is because the soundboard of the piano has “aged” and its original quality of sound. The warranty offered at this point can be equivalent to a brand new piano.

A rebuilt Steinway piano has sound that as good or better than the newest pianos being produced today. It is not only that you are purchasing the branded Steinway piano in an appreciative value but you can be assured of the beautiful sound and tone. A famous piano brand is worth rebuilding especially if they are delicately made by skilled craftsmen before the World War II (before mass production lines). The quality is the best, from which they have thoroughly made it.

They have taken much time in making each part of the piano compared to the factory production line which are focused on performance. Piano craftsmen during the “Golden Age” of pianos, skillfully produced brands to their optimum touch. The quality is undoubtedly better than the new. The skilled craftsmen have more time for every element of every key of the piano than those pianos made on assembly lines. Why do you need to buy a new piano when you can have a rebuilt piano with much higher quality and half the price?

They are made by hand with a touch of love and fascination. Steinway craftsmen are not only building pianos to gain a profit but possess the passion to create the best instrument in the world.

Every instrument has unique characteristics. But among those, Steinway pianos are the one who greatly influenced the best performances in the world of music. Steinway pianos are played by 90% of the world’s top piano players. Steinway piano’s performance is superb and exceptional. The quality can last a long time, can perform better for a lifetime.

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