Need Steinway Cheap

Are you looking for a Steinway piano in a cheap price? You can have it! It depends on how you view the word “cheap”. It has been said that there are no “great pianos for cheap”. How are you able to get a cheap piano, especially the Steinway?

Steinway piano is among the world’s great pianos. So, to be able to buy it cheap seems too good to be true. Yet, Steinway rebuilt offers this best price. Like the Steinway model M you can get it for 58,000 new yet it only cost 24,000 on rebuilt.  Also, a small console is available for only 5,900.00.

So, considering the big difference on prices, rebuilt is a way cheaper. This is the reason why many people prefer to buy a rebuilt over new piano. Some people claim that the price of new Steinway is not worth the value in this era of mass production.

However , a buyer should be cautious at all times. It has been said that cheap price means you can only get what you pay for. This means you should be careful in buying rebuilt piano. Be aware of advertising technique of the seller. It is important to know the condition of the piano and the quality of its components before you can determine the real value.

Do not just go to the cheapest. Have a careful check up and if you find one that is worth for keeping, then go for it. Remember cheap can have multiple meaning especially if you are purchasing a valuable piano like Steinway. Almost all of our pianos are completely rebuilt.

The quality of rebuilt piano will also depend on the rebuilder. A reputable rebuilder has a complete concern and control over the process. He won’t sacrifice the quality and durability of his work. This made a well rebuilt piano better than the new mass produced pianos. Also, there are brand of pianos that are not worth rebuilding.

Cheap brand and design has no value even if it is fully rebuilt. However, Steinway rebuilt maintain its quality and original sound after being restored. Steinway is worth rebuilding and will surpass the quality of the the new brand. So, in buying rebuilt piano consider the brand and the rebuilder.

Used and rebuilt piano are often offered cheaper than the new piano. Its prices will range differently from stores to stores. Yet, no one can determine its real value than a piano tuner or a person who knows the quality of its restoration. A buyer should not be moved with the beauty of advertisement alone but know and evaluate the real value of the rebuilt piano. Come along with a piano tuner or technician in your purchase of rebuilt piano. His expertise will help you decide your purchase.

The following are few tips when buying a cheap and rebuilt piano:

  • Do some reading and research online before your trip to a piano store. The informed and educated buyer are not likely to be swayed. Prior knowledge will guide you to the right purchase
  • Inspect the piano inside and out. Rebuilt piano needs careful inspection. If the seller is not giving you the chance to inspect it fully, he may hiding something from you. Damage or flaws.
  • Play the piano or let someone play the piano for you and listen carefully to the sound. Make sure you like the sound you hear from it. If the seller is hesitant to let you play, making alibi like wet paint, be cautious. Never buy a piano without playing and hearing the sound.
  • Ask about its history. It will give you an idea how it was taken care of. Make sure to know about the tuning history too. Questions like, where has the piano being stored? Who was the previous owner? Who performed maintenance on the piano? It is important to ask these questions before deciding.
  • Take your time and look for the best piano for your satisfaction. If the seller is not giving you opportunity to try different brand and style, do not rush yourself. Do not let the seller pressure you or rush you with the word “once in a lifetime” opportunity.
  • Stick to your budget. Never sacrifice your preferences. Do not let the seller influence you with his own choices.

Cheap Steinway piano? Yes, its true. Our Steinway rebuilt piano offers you the cheap price for Steinway! You can check on our piano prices to get the best price that is offered. With no tricks. What you see is what you get.

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