How is Steinway Different as a Piano

Steinway piano has occupied a central place in the lives of many pianists and music enthusiasts for several decades. History tells us that since World War II Steinway have dominated the concert platforms. Steinway piano has built its special relationships with the pianists from every music genre. From classical, jazz, pop, rock and others. At present, it is reported that more than 90% of today’s concert pianist choose Steinway on their performances. Steinway & Sons has been recognized as makers of the finest piano and accepted as the standard piano in the world. Even today, Steinway has become a mainstream among the top American pianos.

What makes the Steinway different?
Steinway was founded in 1853 by a German builder named Heinrich Engelhard. He emigrated to New York and began his piano production which marks its excellence into a world-wide venture. Steinway Piano has been established with almost unrivaled reputation for piano with several reasons:

The Tonal quality. Steinway piano is known with its dynamic and sonorous tone. Several people have been asked why they preferred Steinway. Most of them claimed that it has an extra-ordinary sound that did not disappoint them. It has a vibrant, rich, warm and beautiful sound. It sounded more with a powerful tone than other premium piano. Others claim that words are inadequate to describe the signature sound of Steinway. There is something in the sound that has drawn them to love Steinway. It is the sound that makes the Steinway unique and famous. It is the hallmark of the Steinway&Sons. Their contribution to Music Industry is widely recognized in the world.

The standard of excellence. Aside from the sound, Steinway piano is also known as a standard of excellence and high consistency of quality. No two Steinway pianos are the same, yet its standard and quality are consistent. Dampers and hammers are regulated by hand and tested by ears of the experience worker to ensure its quality. With more than 12,000 complicated parts, each undergone endless investigation and scrutiny. The wood for soundboard is made from what is known as Rocky Pine, these are hard wood pine trees that only grow at high elevations. The bridges and pinblock are made of Hard Rock Maple. The rims and lid are made of decorative hard wood. Some can be exotic and expensive. Every Steinway piano receives the same insistence on perfection, the same careful testing and adjustment. Much have been written about how Steinway was built in an extra-ordinary way. It all points out to its standard of excellence and quality. No wonder why many claim that Steinway piano is an instrument second to none in terms of quality and durability. It is the Steinway tradition to build a superior quality piano. They often last over a hundred years.

Craftsmanship. If you want to get a real nice, a hand-made instrument that has personality and excellent sound then Steinway is your piano. Aside from the sound and quality, Steinway is also known for its craftsmanship. Even today in mass production era, Steinway piano strives to maintain its prestige in the art and craftsmanship. Not that they are reluctant to use machinery but because they wanted to put limits on mechanization. The Steinway piano is still two-thirds of hand operation and one-third mechanization.

Appreciate in Value. It has been said that the Steinway is the only grand piano that will sell for more than you paid for it, regardless of how long you own it. Many people prefer Steinway pianos because it appreciates in value over time. So aside from the fact that it is an outstanding instrument, it is a great investment. It is the only instrument that you can keep for number of years and give to your grandchildren. “They are still the same and will never change”, a piano tuner once said.

Steinway piano is among the greatest gifts to music and concert stages. To play with a Steinway piano seems like a dream come true. Though the price is a lot more but its performance will never disappoint you. New or rebuilt Steinways will give you excellent performance that you will love. With rebuilt, you can save almost half the price of the new Steinway. Check out our prices of Steinway Rebuilt Pianos!

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