Prices for Steinway Piano

Piano Prices
If you search the Internet for prices on the  pianos, the first thing you notice is that many do not list their prices. The reason is this: New pianos are very expensive. When you compare the price of new pianos to rebuilt pianos, it is not very favorable for new pianos. Many places selling new pianos do not want you make your decision over the internet. They don’t even want to quote you a price over the phone. The reason is when you see the tremendous difference between the price of new and completely rebuilt, you will be shocked. You want to know more. It will seem “to good to be true”. But the truth is that rebuilt pianos are an extraordinary value.

A new Steinway Model M sells for 65,000 usd without trade in. A completely rebuilt and refurbished Model M is less than 30,000 dollars. We have some for as low as 25,000. Buying Steinway rebuilt is definitely a good choice because among other musical instrument, it is very durable. Its value increases over time. Steinway has a remarkable name in making fine pianos. It has a notable qualities and is finest musical instrument these days. 90 percent of all music professionals choose Steinway for their performance. Buying Steinway rebuilt piano is worth the investment. These days of mass production, Steinway piano rebuilt bear the art of perfection and craftsmanship that is worth the value.

Great Value on Rebuilt
While the price of the new piano is soaring high every year, buying rebuilt Steinway piano is a great option. Rising prices on new piano gives more value to a rebuilt piano. The fact that the inflation in new piano prices is over 10% this year alone. You can get a great value on Steinway rebuilt.
However, do not just go for any rebuilt piano thinking of its low price. You should be meticulous and perfectionist as well in checking it inside and out. A Steinway rebuilt piano is far more valuable than any other manufacturer. Also, do not interchange the term between reconditioned piano and rebuilt piano. Reconditioned piano is the process of thorough cleaning, repair, adjustment, tuning and return all parts to proper function. On the other hand, rebuilt piano is a complete disassembly of the instrument, replacement with new parts and complete action regulation,tuning and voicing. It is the process of complete restoration of a piano. Rebuilding can be partial or full as well. Make sure you know if you are buying a reconditioned piano, partially rebuilt piano or fully rebuilt. Do not afraid to ask of what parts are being replaced or simply repaired. Your knowledge about this will help you find the best piano of your choice.

Also, learn the background of the piano rebuilder. Is he a master of this trade? Does he posses the skills and has expertise on this kind of job? These kind of information will guide you to right piano rebuilder. Dealing with a trusted and qualified piano tuner/rebuilder is necessary before investing to one.

Our Steinway rebuilt assure an overall quality both in exterior and interior parts. It undergoes proper rebuilding which means complete disassembly, inspection and replacement of worn out parts. Soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and strings, the action, and keyboard are in perfect condition, regulated by an expert and tested to its best sound and maximum performance. Major components are recycled to its best and restores to its original condition. Its restored image and parts will last another more long years. It assure an investment!

Steinway Investment
Unlike cars or any other piece of furniture, a Steinway piano is a great investment. Not only that it’s a financial investment but also a pleasure investment that you can enjoy music for the rest of your life. Especially today that new Steinway produced is very limited. When the demand is more than the produced then your old Steinway piano worth will be related to the new price. Steinway durability is tested up to the next generation. It is a pleasing idea that you can hand down your valuable investment to your family up to your grandchildren. Compare to the cars that can depreciate as much as the inflation, its value is lesser over the period of time.

If you are interested on putting your money on a worthwhile investment, check on our available Steinway prices. Owning a Steinway piano is a dream which you and your family can enjoy up to the next generation!

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