Who Buys a Rebuilt Steinway?

Why do many rich people buy a rebuilt Steinway piano rather than a brand new one? When you buy a new Steinway piano, you will have a warranty and any problems with the piano will be fixed by the factory. The question doesn’t only lie on the quality of service that the Steinway factory can provide, but whether or not you can receive the same service from Steinway piano rebuilders. Some piano rebuilders offer longer guarantees than those of the factory.

A Steinway Piano is not a cheap purchase. There are rebuilt pianos that have been restored to factory specification or better. The easiest method is to find a qualified rebuilder and find out how the rebuilding was done.

Many older pianos have a unique tone and feel that is perfected with time. It improves with age, the wood can deepen in tone and depth over time. A rebuilt Steinway piano can produce an extraordinary sound.

Steinway pianos  appreciate over time. The appreciation doesn’t occur because it is antique but because the pianos were produced from an excellent piano manufacturer. The rebuilt Steinway pianos are much less expensive than of those brand new ones. The new ones are becoming more expensive each passing year.

Many famous people  have bought a rebuilt Steinway instead of new.

This $42,000 Steinway grand piano is one of the 400 pieces pf Bernie Madoff’s personal property. A rebuilt Steinway piano of this quality from us would cost under $30,000. But we are not a famous person like Bernie Madoff. New owner John Rodger says it will be a good conversation piece.

A 1917 Steinway grand piano from their living room went for $42,000 – six times the minimum estimate of $7,000. The buyer was an 81-year-old Long Island real estate executive.

John Rodger, an amateur pianist who  keep the Steinway in his home in East Islip, said: ‘I’ve got loads of pianos, but this one has history – it’ll make an interesting conversation piece.’

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