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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website Anthony D Elliott Ann Arbor, Michigan 313-764-2523 Email Amber’s Piano Studio Allen Park, Michigan 313-461-5793 Dady Mehta Ann Arbor, Michigan 313-971-4443 Louis B Nagel Ann Arbor, Michigan 313-764-2511 Email Kimberly Roberts Dearborn, Michigan 313-561-8947 merryneth Dearborn, Michigan 313-919-3233 piano lessons at your home Dearborn, Michigan 313-919-3235 Elfriede Banks Detroit, … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 313

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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website Mary M Penzien Auburn, Michigan 989-662-6665 Email Suzanne Ambrose Auburn, Michigan 989-662-6404 Email Sally Voshell Au Gres, Michigan 989-876-4774 Email Jacqueline Willertz Bay City, Michigan 989-684-5159 Email Joyce Stapish Bay City, Michigan 989-894-0476 Karen L Story Bay City, Michigan 989-686-8914 Email Lisa M Keim Bay Port, Michigan 989-453-2776 Email … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 989

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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website         Kathryn’s Lessons Ann Arbor, Michigan 517-795-7617 Lia M Jensen-Abbott Albion, Michigan 517-629-2950 Email David Abbott Albion, Michigan 517-629-2950 Email Renu M V Maslovich Alma, Michigan 517-466-9863 Email Betty J Pavlov Bay City, Michigan 517-893-7139 Jo Ellen Braun Bay City, Michigan 517-686-0192 Charlotte M Williams Charlotte, … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 517

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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website Ann Arbor Area Piano Teachers Guild Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-665-5346 Anne Stanton Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-975-0969 Armena P Mardeosian Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-996-1949 Email Aya Higuchi Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-622-0156 Email Barbara Tritten – M.A. Music Education Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-429-2709 Beatrice M Ellis Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-327-9294 Email … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 734

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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website         Jackie Flint Piano Lessons Ada, Michigan 616-957-3288 Jane Heikoop Ada, Michigan 616-676-9451 Sherry Vanoveren Ada, Michigan 616-874-5593 Betz, Susan Music Studio Ada, Michigan 616-682-2455 Website Victoria E Sterzick Ada, Michigan 616-676-1909 Email Nannette L Tooman Allegan, Michigan 616-673-2237 Jane E Greenfield Alto, Michigan 616-868-6101 Thomas … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 616

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Piano Teachers Location Phone Email Website Kristine Dohse Alanson, Michigan 231-548-3055 Rose V Megregian Elk Rapids, Michigan 231-409-8303 Email Bernadine W Johnson Fremont, Michigan 231-924-4129 Email Thea Hoekman Fremont, Michigan 231-924-1504 Email Jennifer Lynn Rhodes Fruitport, Michigan 231-366-7032 Email Joy Notes Piano Studio Grant, Michigan 231-834-1921 Kerri Lee G Schendel Honor, Michigan 231-325-2670 Leslie J … Read morePiano Teachers – Michigan – MI – 231

The Piano Makers

Baldwin D.H. Baldwin, a music teacher and a piano salesman founded a firm which begun to manufacture pianos in 1889. After his death in 1899, his partners Lucien Wulsin and G.W. Armstrong made the Baldwin Piano Company into a model of enlightened industrial management. They treated their workers as craftsmen. They designed their factories with … Read moreThe Piano Makers

IV. The Development of Piano after Cristofori’s Death

After Cristofori’s death, other instrument builders made piano in radically different sizes and shapes, as well as mechanisms unlike Cristofori’s. Silbermann made improvements on the Cristofori piano based mostly on Johann Sebastian Bach’s criticisms of it in 1736-that the action was heavy and unpredictable, and the tone of the treble too weak. Silbermann introduced the … Read moreIV. The Development of Piano after Cristofori’s Death

The Cristofori Piano

What is Cristofori Piano? The piano first known as the pianoforte evolved from the harpsichord around 1700 to 1720, by Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori. He gave the musical world a keyboard instrument with a hammer action that varied the volume of sound. The weight of the player’s fingers on the piano keys sent the hammer … Read moreThe Cristofori Piano

II. Early History

Beginnings in the Courtly Circles(1700-1760) The piano was invented in Florence around 1709 by an Italian harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori. Cristofori served as instrument maker to the crown prince Ferdinando Maria de’ Medeci of the grand Duchy of Tuscany. He named his invention, “Arpicembalo… di nouva invention, che fa’ il piano,e il forte” (a harpsichord, … Read moreII. Early History

Books We Recommend

This lavishly illustrated book tells the remarkable story of the Steinway company and its founding family. Heinrich Steinway emigrated to America at the age of fifty-three with his large and talented family and founded Steinway & Sons, which was to become the builder of premium pianos in America.? Ronald Ratcliffe has spent ten years researching … Read moreBooks We Recommend


Una-corda. Meaning “one string,” this stop adjusts the position of the keyboard and action sideways, so that the hammer heads miss one of the trichord and bichord strings. More commonly employed on grand pianos, it is operated by the left pedal. Under-damper. A type of upright piano action where the damper operates below the hammer … Read moreGlossary

Short Octave

Set-off button [escapement button, set-off screw]. A regulating button that controls the moment (the ‘set-off’) at which a jack or hopper is made to disengage from the hammer when a key is depressed. Shaping. Process of filing hammers into a proper shape to reduce the best and most consistent tone. Sharp key. Accidental raised keys … Read moreShort Octave

Rebuilt Piano

Querflugel [Querpianoforte] (Ger.). A small horizontal piano, usually wing-shaped with the keyboard placed at an acute angle to the spine. The wrest pins are positioned behind the keyboard as in a grand but with the strings running diagonally to the right. The type is found from at least the 1780s. Rebuilt piano. A used piano … Read moreRebuilt Piano

Piano Attachment

Piano a coda (It.). GRAND PIANOFORTE. Piano a prolongement (Fr.). A piano in which sustained sounds could be produced by the simultaneous vibration of free reeds set in motion when the strings were struck in the usual way by hammers. It was made in Paris by Alexandre in the 19th century. (See also SOSTENUTO PIANO.) … Read morePiano Attachment


Minipiano. A very small upright with a ‘drop’action (with the mechanism placed below the level of the keyboard), first produced in England in 1934. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF). High quality, fine grained, particle board frequently used in upright piano cabinets. It is chosen for its stability and flatness under veneers. Model number. Descriptive combination of numbers … Read moreMinipiano

In tune

In regulation. Regulation is a process in which a technician makes a dozen or so critical adjustment to each of the 88 key mechanisms. The goal is to bring each key mechanism to factory specification and to have all the key mechanisms consistent with each other. When this process has been completed satisfactorily the piano … Read moreIn tune

Gap spacer

Gabel-Harmon-Pianoforte. A piano patented by Matthias Muller in 1827 in which one of the unison strings of each note is replaced by a tuning fork. Gap spacer. Any structural member crossing the gap between the wrest plank and the rest of the piano frame, common before the introduction of full-length iron bracing. German action. See … Read moreGap spacer

Ear training

Ear training. A term given to the aspects of beginning piano lessons that focus on teaching aural aspects of learning the pitches or sounds of the notes, how they relate to each other, and how to regulate volume at the keyboard. Electrophonic piano. A piano in which electro-magnets, replacing the soundboard, pick up the vibrations … Read moreEar training

Cabinet piano

Cabinet. The outside of the piano; the part you see when the piano is closed. Cabinet piano. A type of upright piano developed by Muller (in Vienna) and Hawkins (London and Philadelphia) in 1800. The case was placed on the floor and the strings passed down vertically behind the action, with the striking point at … Read moreCabinet piano


Action. A collection of levers, primarily consisting if the hammers, dampers, and all other moving parts and supporting rails found above the keyboard. Agraffe. A brass string guide with a bridge that spaces and levels the string. Aliquot. Steel-bearing piece that frets off treble strings in some grands. Aliquot scaling. A system of stringing in … Read moreAction

Dance Forms and the Suite

Suite refers to any instrumental composition usually compose in one key and which consists of several movements. It was developed in the 16th century, in the Baroque era, as series of dance steps. Thus, pieces of dance rhythms are often grouped together into suites. The tunes are so arranged so as to present strong contrasts … Read moreDance Forms and the Suite

Romanticism Style

Romanticism is an artistic movement in music that favors the imagination and emotion over reason and logic, and promotes the individual and the subjective approach as opposed to the Classicism which emphasized the universal and the objective. The Romantic era in music stretch from 1820 to the early part of the 20th century. Where the … Read moreRomanticism Style

Piano Lesson Made Easy

Have you experienced being enchanted with a melody of sound? Sound that can satiate your inner being and express your innermost thought? There are times in our lives that we wanted to look for a serene and a tranquil place where we can repose for a moment. A perfect place and time for a music … Read morePiano Lesson Made Easy